Britons urged to make environmental home improvements

British property owners have been advised that hiring builders in Leicester to carry out eco-friendly home improvements is a good move.

Peter Bladen, managing director of BSolar and Energy Foundation, explained that there are several areas in which people can benefit from an upgrade.

For example, installing solar panels on a home will lead to the clean generation of electricity, reducing utilities bills in the process.

“There are no hidden parts, there is no effect on the environment and they just work. They sit there, do their thing and work for 25 years,” Mr Bladen stated.

Solar panels are just one item individuals can invest in. Another is insulation, which works by keeping heat inside a home, reducing the need to pay out for more to be generated.

Tony Pickup, founder of the Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme, recently said that insulation – which can be fitted by professional tradesmen – is a great way to make a property warmer this winter.

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