Britons urged to protect homes against the cold

As temperatures start to drop ahead of the start of winter, British homeowners have been reminded to take action to protect their properties.

Insurance firm Hiscox has issued advice to people, stating there are a number of threats that become more apparent at this time of year.

For example, in 2010, freeze damage was the issue that triggered the most claims with the firm, while 58 per cent of seasonal damage is said to begin in the loft.

As such, it could be worth finding a plumber in Newcastle or another tradesman to install protective measures and assess a home’s vulnerability.

Andrew Cheney, senior risk advisor at Hiscox, said: “Just as you wouldn’t leave a pot boiling on a stove, when the cold sets in, checking your pipes and taking action can prevent damage before it happens.”

Kevin Sears, energy efficiency expert at, said this week that the arrival of winter and rising fuel bills makes it vital to make a home greener.

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