Brits urged to compare energy suppliers

A price comparison website has advised consumers to ensure they get the best deal on their energy tariffs by comparing and switching suppliers as necessary. highlighted recent research from Consumer Focus suggesting that some energy suppliers are significantly overcharging customers after it compared tariffs with wholesale prices.

The study indicated that gas prices should be at least 7.4% cheaper and electricity bills at least 3.1% lower than they are at present as a result of falling wholesale costs.

According to, it is “crucial” that consumers take immediate action to slash the costs of their bills.

“There are definitely savings to be made by taking ownership of your bills and staying savvy to the best deals on the market,” it said.

Home owners could also cut the cost of their energy bills by making improvements to their properties – according to the Energy Saving Trust, installing double glazing can save £135 a year on heating costs.

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One Comment

  1. The majority of UK Energy suppliers have recently raised rates by approximately 18%. This is the result of higher wholesale energy costs. However, when wholesale energy prices go down, the savings are rarely seen by home owners. The constantly changing energy prices makes it even more important to compare gas and electricity suppliers to make sure you are paying the lowest rates possible. For additional savings, make your home more efficient. As mentioned, installing double-glazed windows is a good idea. Wall and attic insulation is also a cost effective solution.

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