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Brocade and damask: An AW12/13 favourite

Brocade was one of AW12/13’s biggest trends, crossing over into interior design through damask. The leaf motifs were favoured for the luxurious element that they lent to the home. Since its birth, damask has been associated with the upper class. Yet, thanks to affordable designing in a range of colour schemes, the two-tone pattern has been easy for us to adopt – whatever our budget.

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The most popular display of damask has been via wallpaper. All sorts of designers have got in on the act and that’s made it a big talking point.  You’ll spot it in the ranges of Graham & Brown and Laura Ashley to name but two! Often, you’ll hear it referred to as brocade as the patterns are so similar that they’re barely distinguishable. Hung on a feature wall, it’s the first thing your eyes are drawn to in a room, so it creates a brilliant first impression for first-time visitors to your home.

It’s easy to match your damask to your personality too. For a classy, classic look, stick with black and white. Or to highlight a fiery personality, pick a red and cream combo. Richness is the magic ingredient here so if you fancy giving it a go, be brave! While lighter colours have an appeal of their own, make sure that the two-tone shades contrast enough to stand apart. It’s not worth trying to find a pattern of pastel pink and purple for instance, because the colours will clash and look chaotic. You want the look to look well put-together and pastels simply won’t work as well as those vibrant shades.


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Being as bold as it is, it would have been very easy for the pattern to become the latest wallpaper trend without going any further in interior circles. Instead, it’s joined its many decor predecessors and become a good all-rounder. I love how damask can be incorporated into furniture and textiles whether that be a sofa, dining room chairs, canvas prints or bedding. Personally, I’d steer clear of the printed sofas, however! Should you get bored of the pattern, you’ll be setting yourself up for an expensive month as you’ll have to buy a brand new sofa. By comparison, a chair will cost you very little and you could even upholster it yourself.


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To complement the damask, you’ll have to balance it out with bigger décor items. Oversized frames enveloping large mirrors are a brilliant way to do this as they really carry through the opulence of the look.

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As an added bonus, the large mirrors will reflect even more of the damask, bouncing it around your chosen room.

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