BTL sector ‘good investment opportunity’

The buy-to-let (BTL) sector represents a safe investment.

Builders in Liverpool may be called in to prepare homes for renting as landlords look to take advantage of an upsurge in tenant demand.

Some 40 per cent of residential property owners have said they are seeing more people looking to lease, while only 4.5 per cent have reported a fall in interest.

Between April and June, banks lent £3.5 billion to landlords – which represents the highest figure since 2008.

The second quarter of the year brought a 21 per cent hike in BTL lending, as more and more people look to capitalise on the current property situation.

It comes after recent research by Assetz discovered 75 per cent of people who already rent out houses are considering adding to their portfolio.

This could result in a spate of movement in university towns, as individuals look to provide enough options for students.

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