‘Budget for the unexpected’ when improving a home

People using plumbers in Norwich and other parts of the UK may want to follow the advice of one author when it comes to planning their job. Writing for Crafting A Green World, Wenona Napolitano explained that individuals should be prepared for the work to cost more than they originally anticipated.

She stated that although home owners may budget for the larger aspects of the property improvement, it is the smaller things that can soon mount up. “You might budget in all the big things, like for our bathroom we budgeted for the tub, flooring, paint, vent, light and the other big things,” Ms. Napolitano continued. However, having to purchase new pipes, taps and minor objects may be unexpected, she said. Using registered tradesmen could mean people get value for money when improving their house.

Chief executive at the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering Blane Judd recently said that experts can offer extra tips such as advice on reducing water and fuel consumption.

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