Build a basement to add functionality to a home

When you consider investing in an extension, the one direction that perhaps does not immediately spring to mind is downwards. We expect you will think about adding extra floors at the top of your home, while there is also the potential to build outwards in the form of conservatories and permanent extensions.

But the best option of all might actually be to look below ground for extra space – an idea that one expert has suggested can lead to great results. Rosie Caley, design director at BasementWorks, explained it is “relatively easy” to add a basement to your abode. Indeed, a professional builder should find it no problem at all.

One of the factors you must determine before judging just how easy it will be to have an underground floor added is the type of soil your home sits on. Ms Caley noted that London, for instance, is generally based on sand and gravel, which makes it “perfectly workable” for basements.

The expert went on to remark that adding such an extension will revolutionise the way a home can be used. Indeed, pound for pound, it might just be the best home improvement it is possible to make.

“By putting a basement in, you are doubling your living space. It’s not like a loft conversion where you can gain another bedroom and maybe a bathroom, or a kitchen extension where you make the back a bit bigger. With a basement, you are essentially completely changing the way you use your house,” Ms Caley explained.

She recommended hiring a professional designer to take a look at the way a house is used and what can be achieved with a basement. This should pay off in the long run, as you start to make the very most of all your available space.

This can also be the case with a conservatory, with manufacturer ConservatoryLand recently commenting on an HSBC study that found the buildings can add more than £9,000 to the value of a typical home. It noted the number one obstacle to people is price, but if this can be overcome the extension is good value for money.

Ms Caley went on to comment on some of the functions a basement can perform within a modern home. Of course, you might think hiring a builder to carry out a more conventional extension is the aesthetically-pleasing option, but in terms of practicality it might be better to go underground.

The expert said the key purposes of such a space tend to be to provide a family or media space. In fact, you might find a basement helps you spend far more time with your loved ones than ever before.

Alternatively, you can make use of rooms that were never before possible in your conventional dwelling. “People often put wine cellars in and by this we mean very bespoke [spaces with] beautiful joinery and lighting. So they are sort of ‘wow pieces’. A utility room is very high up on the agenda, so a full-sized room for processing clothes and hiding all the household storage,” Ms Caley stated.

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