Builder rates vary by region, expert says

Home improvement expert Mark Brinkley suggests that there are no rules when it comes to how much a builder will charge.

Mr Brinkley says that each rate is negotiated on a job-by-job basis and every contract is different.

However, in what could be good news for those embarking on a renovation project, he writes in Homebuilding and Renovating magazine that there is evidence rates are “beginning to soften”.

The specialist says that the recession affects the sector in many different ways.

One plumber in Cambridgeshire told him that his phone has never been so quiet, while another plumber in Swindon is “snowed under” – so much so that the former is working three days a week there.

“Just why Swindon should be busy, while Cambridgeshire is quiet, seems to defy common sense, but that is often what happens,” he says.

Earlier this month, the Plymouth Herald also reported that builders in the area are pricing their work keener in order to secure jobs.

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