Builders ‘can do more to turn homes green’

British builders have been urged to do what they can to ensure the country’s housing stock features eco-friendly equipment and technology.

Julia Goodfellow-Smith, director at SustainableLivingExpert, has said she would like to see builders “incorporate more sustainable features in homes”.

She said those constructing new dwellings could consider the location and position of the building, while solar tiles should be installed on roofs on every appropriate occasion.

“Millions of households using less energy and water and walking and cycling to local services will make a difference,” Ms Goodfellow-Smith stated.

Money saving expert Martin Lewis this week said it is often cost-effective to make home improvements rather than move to a different house, so those currently living in a property could also do their bit by following the expert’s advice when hiring a builder.

New homes should also be built to a smaller size on average, as this would allow people to invest only in the living space they need, Ms Goodfellow-Smith noted.

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