Builders can help Britons create stunning home gyms

One of the best uses of builders in Ely may be to help in the construction of a home gym, with one expert recommending a loft conversion as the ideal way to create space for such a facility.

Interior designer Helen Green, writing for, has suggested a gym is a great way to use room at the very top of a property.

She said they are becoming increasingly popular among British homeowners, as they provide a way to keep fit in the comfort of a house, avoiding the hassle of travelling to a public gym and its membership fees.

“If you’re a real exercise enthusiast or need a home gym as part of a rehabilitation process then using your loft to house the necessary gym equipment may be worth the initial investments,” Ms Green stated.

Andrew Leech, executive director of the National Home Improvement Council, recently recommended focusing on the kitchen when investing in a home, as this is the most important room when it comes to selling a property.

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