Builders in Derby to be needed for £2m project?

Builders in Derby could get involved in a £2 million project set to take place in nearby town Matlock.

According to online resource Bakewell Today, the seven-figure grant from Barclays Business is intended to convert an office block on Dale Road in the urban area back into their original form of residential houses.

This construction was first erected as two three-storey homes in the 1920s but was then transformed into offices – which have been empty for nine years – in the 1980s.

Property developer Gurdial Rai purchased the plot earlier this year and will now oversee the revamp of the site, which he intends to include some original features of the property as well as numerous eco-friendly updates.

“When I saw the property for sale, I knew it would benefit from being restored to its original condition,” he told the news source.

Recently, Andrew Leech of the National Home Improvement Council indicated people should consult the professionals when it comes to making their houses greener.

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