Builders may work with architects on interiors schemes

Builders in Stirling might find they get the best result when renovating interiors spaces if they work alongside an architect.

Architect scheme

Image source: Designed for Life

Elisa Wickham decided to get her property refurbished, as it was outdated and “shabby”, City AM reports.But to get the optimum outcome she thought it was a good idea to consult an architect and a builder. “If you’re spending upwards of £20,000 on renovations, an architect can be fantastic for making sure it is executed well and in a way that benefits the property,” Ms. Wickham says.

Martin Bikhit, managing director at estate agents Kay & Co explains this coincides with an emerging trend for people being “more aware of space”, meaning buyers will appreciate a property that has been well thought out and improved.

A task builders may well have to carry out this summer is installing windows and patios, as Jason Orme, editor at Homebuilding & Renovating, recently suggested home owners want a light and airy feel in their houses.


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