Call in an electrician rather than attempt dangerous DIY

The temptation to carry out DIY tasks or home improvements on your own might be considerable at the current time. With so many of us strapped for cash as the UK continues to endure a period of economic turbulence, cutting back wherever possible is a common experience in households across the country.

But you should be aware that, no matter how poor your financial situation, there are some jobs you simply do not tackle alone. In most cases, this is because there are certain areas that must be left to a professional as they are too dangerous for unqualified and inexperienced hands.

Of course, only you will know your areas of expertise and trades in which you are just not up to it. Everybody is different. But as a basic guideline, it is worth noting that anything involving gas or electricity should be off limits for the average person.

Jason Orme, editor of Homebuilding & Renovating, has issued this advice, indicating gas and electricity are the two most dangerous issues you are likely to come across in your house. He also picked out boilers as an item that will require special care and maintenance, probably from a local tradesman.

“With things like boilers, you have got to be very careful with the work that you do,” Mr Orme explained.

“There is some work that you can do that doesn’t require building regulations approval or specifically the services of a Gas Safe-registered plumber. If work involves gas or electrics then it really should be carried out by an approved plumber or electrician.”

The good news is you should be able to easily search and track down a host of builders, electricians, plumbers and gas engineers, all of whom will be fully qualified and capable of tackling any problem or repair you have on the agenda this summer.

While there is clearly a need to turn to professionals in order to ensure maximum safety levels and adherence to all the latest rules and regulations, some of you might find you require an expert simply because you are not capable of carrying out DIY tasks on your own. In a recent interview, Mr Orme said this is becoming an increasingly significant problem in the UK.

He noted that skills were once passed down from father to son, but this trend seems to have disappeared. Instead, young people do not pick up the ability to make repairs and vital home improvements, so they tend to spend a lifetime without them. In such cases, the people involved might find they have a tremendous reliance on professional tradesmen.

You might be wary of splashing the cash on experts, but it is of course worth remembering that another benefit of turning to them is that any work they carry out will be completed to the highest standard. In comparison, your own efforts might end up being botched and lacking a classy finish.

With this in mind, today could be the perfect time to turn your attention to hiring a tradesman and finally putting right that leaky roof, cracked paving or faulty plug.

Post details of your job on and wait for highly-recommended local decorators to get in touch with a quote.

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