Call in electrician to ensure home safety

Ensuring our homes are entirely safe and secure is a priority for everybody, particularly if you have young children.

It goes without saying that we need to feel sure that our surroundings are of the highest quality and will never put us in any danger. There are so many things to think about in this area, from the state of your roof to the security levels afforded by your doors and windows.

Another issue that is sure to raise some concerns is electricity. As more and more of us turn to an increasing number of appliances and gadgets that run off the mains supply, the amount of plugs in the typical home is going through the roof. If it is not your television or radio that is plugged in to keep you entertained it is sure to be your cooker, washing machine or microwave.

In short, we all need electricity in order to live comfortably and safely, but that is not to say it comes without risks attached. We have all fretted over the prospect of our little ones sticking their fingers in a socket or being exposed to a faulty wire, but the only way to be confident these fears will never be realised is to hire a professional electrician to give your home the once over and put right any issues that crop up.

Anneke Rousseau, head of communications for the Electrical Safety Council, recently became the latest expert to issue some advice on the subject and her words might be well worth taking note of. She said many of you are concerned about socket covers and the threat they pose to youngsters, but still plenty of people continue to rely on “the wrong sort of protection”.

“What we’ve been saying to people is to check for burn marks on sockets. Move cables out of the way – don’t run them under your carpets or have them trailing around the place,” Ms Rousseau explained.

While the expert’s words are sure to be useful, you could easily find that going one step further and booking a local tradesman to take a look really puts your mind at rest. Admittedly, hiring an electrician will cost a small sum of money, but it will inevitably be a small price to pay when you are able to sleep at night knowing that your precious kids are living in a safe home.

Ms Rousseau added that socket covers are “generally safe”, so it might be that instructing your electrician to fit some of these is a good starting place on the road towards ultimate efficiency and safety.

But please do not fall into the trap of thinking the covers alone are enough. They are not. In fact, the Electrical Safety Council recently said many of you with children are relying on them too heavily.

As such, it is well worth quizzing your electrician over what else can be done to keep your electrics in tip top condition and your home as a risk-free environment.

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