Call in the experts to create spring-style bedroom

Changing even the colour of your bedroom can be a big step forward when it comes to interior design, so imagine what a complete overhaul of the space could do.

Interior designer Helen Green, writing for, has spoken on the subject of seasonal design. Her timing could not be much better, as if you employ a professional decorator today you are sure to have a stylish and new-look bedroom by the time the first signs of spring appear.

The expert has suggested that one of the key themes that represent spring is the use of blocks of colour within your sleeping quarters. While this is always the case, the trend is sure to be particularly strong in 2012, she stated.

“Start your project by painting the walls in a bold colour of your choice, to get the look right you mustn’t include any patterns. So that the room doesn’t become devoid of character make sure you include lots of different textures throughout,” Ms Green advised.

Another of her recommendations is to use either wood or carpet as a flooring material and to team it with a rug of a different colour and feel to provide some balance.

Of course, one of the bonuses you will have as a designer and instructor of your tradesman is that using blocks of colour means there is no need to attempt to coordinate different shades.

Ms Green went on to note the trend should continue all the way down to the bed sheets, which should be plain rather than patterned, while the same goes for the curtains.

Adrienne Chinn, director of, last month said that it is worth keeping an eye on the art deco style, which she predicted will make a strong comeback in 2012. The industry chief suggested it will be seen in many rooms this year.

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