Getting the builders in can be a daunting prospect, especially if it’s a large project. For specialised jobs such as electrical repairs, boilers and plumbing jobs I would always advise calling in an experienced and trusted tradesman – I have seen enough bodged DIY projects to know that a specialist job requires a specialist!

There are pros and cons to hiring a tradesman. The obvious advantage is the quality of the end result; trusted tradesmen will do a quality job that looks good and lasts. They will also get the job done a lot quicker than an amateur. If – which it so often does – go wrong, trusted tradesmen will be able to trouble shoot and use their experience to rectify the problem, often finding ways to overcome problems cost effectively.

trusted tradesmen

‘Cowboy roofers’ is an all too common expression in the world of home improvements, but roofers shouldn’t all be tarnished with the same brush. There are good ones out there and we can help you find them!

The problem with roofing jobs, is that unless you’re prepared to scale a 30ft ladder, you’re unlikely to know whether your roof is in need of repair. This is of course unless it’s already leaking -which is why you need a quality, local roofers who you can trust.