Celeb news: Petra Ecclestone’s “Botox” renovation plans

It seems Ms Ecclestone doesn’t have enough space in her new £92 million, 100-room LA mansion, as she plans to redevelop and expand her Chelsea home.

Neighbours were outraged by the celeb’s plans to demolish this piece of Sloanie heritage and replace it with a “Botox” architectural revamp. Plans involved extending the neighbouring lodge – in Chelsea fashion – downwards, with a basement conversion.

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As Chelsea residents are opting to live like rabbits in their subterranean burrows, councillors are getting earache from locals (who have likely already secured their underground lairs), regarding the disruption caused from the construction of basement conversions in the area. It appears that conversely to constructions like wind farms, that are supported by the majority – just “not in my back yard” – Chelsea burrows are “unwarranted” unless they are in my backyard!

Petra may have been following convention for the usage of the planned basement: swimming pool, gym, media room, underground parking, essential for any Sloane Ranger, but it was her plans to alter a façade of the property that was her faux pas! Her plans were to demolish the Lodge and reconstruct a neo-Georgian mask, to conceal an ultra modern interior. Plans were withdrawn and a restoration, rather than demolition project, are now being considered.

With building space limited, not just in the capital, perhaps this trend is set to extend further than the up-market Zone 1 postcodes of London.

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