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The Big Lebowski’s house is on the market and any die hard fans out there should snap it up quick, before someone else does. We don’t know what cottage he lived in but all 6 one-bed cottages in the complex are up for grabs. The six subdivisions may cost a whooping $2,295,000, but the exchange rate isn’t too bad at the moment and with the current trend for ‘buddy-up’ mortgages, get together with a few fellow fans and hedge your bets – at least one of you will end up in The Dude’s former residence.  

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Charlie Sheen’s Beverly Hills mansion – AKA “Sober Valley Ranch” – went up for sale not so long ago for a cool $7.2 million. This 7,924 square foot house is located in an exclusive gated community and it was reported that he received an offer within 24 hours of it being on the market – but not a cash one!

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Kardashian fans will be elated to hear that because you have all been trying to scale her garden wall, she has decided to move. It won’t be long before her Tuscan-style house becomes hot real-estate property – start saving those dollar bills Kardashian fans! Kim said she feels ‘violated’ and ‘unsafe’, and in a begging tweet she asked fans to keep their distance.

We are unsure if the property comes with the appliances but unfortunately we are pretty sure Kim isn’t included.

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