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Celeb-Style Walk In Wardrobe Ideas

Is your wardrobe a shoe shrine? A museum for clothes? A totem for ties? It might be a good idea to invest in a walk in wardrobe that keeps your clothes organised and in place. Take inspiration from the celebrities’ wardrobes below, although they are lucky to have a dedicated space that’s likely to be bigger than most of our bedrooms, there’s nothing stopping you from creating a walk-in wardrobe on a less grander scale.

walk in wardrobeMariah Carey’s wardrobe

Walk in wardrobe ideas

Here’s how to achieve that polished look:

Save shoe boxes

Store your shoes and boots in their boxes to protect them from dust, stains and sunlight that can damage them. Take photos of your shoes (or if you’re artistic, draw them) and stick the images to the boxes so you won’t have a problem knowing what’s where.

Colour coding

If your closet is a cave of clothes, colour coding will make it easier finding what you’re after. It doesn’t matter if your wardrobe is equivalent of Tamara Ecclestone (below) or more of a modest size, but chances are that you’ll have plenty of clothes in the same colour. To go a step further, colour code after type of clothing too.

walk in closetTamara Ecclestone’s wardrobe

walk in closet ideasOprah Winfrey’s wardrobe

Hide the clutter

Regardless if it’s scarves, ties or hats that you’ve got plenty of, stacking them together in a pile is never a good strategy. Ties can be hung, hats packed into boxes and scarves stored in drawers. Keep the space clutter-free with closed doors and cupboards, like Nicky Hilton below. Again, boxes are a great method for organising, and they’re not expensive either.

walk in closet designNicky Hilton’s wardrobe

Protect your clothes

Beware of moths and protect your clothes with anti-moths bags, tuck them into drawers or put on shelves. Make sure you change them every year, to keep them fresh. Other ways to make your clothes last longer is to properly fold them, use good quality hangers (these won’t disfigure the clothes) and make sure that they’re not exposed to humid conditions – this will cause mildew from forming.

Look out for potential

A carpenter can make the most of a space you’re not currently using, so a walk in wardrobe might not be out of reach. Look out for potential spots in your home, such as space under the staircase or corridors that lead between rooms (typically a bedroom and bathroom) a la Carrie Bradshaw, (below).

walk in wardrobe designsCarrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe

If you need help building your dream walk in wardrobe, post your job for free on Up three quality, local carpenters will get in touch to quote for your job. Read their previous customer ratings, see images of past projects and to talk to them so you can decide who’s the right tradesman for you. When the job’s been finished, don’t forget to leave a rating so the tradesmen can grow his/her reputation. 

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