Chandeliers could provide incentive for home improvements

Chandeliers cut from the finest crystal, are a domestic feature many of us dream about adding to our homes, but for surprisingly few this becomes a reality. So why not call in a professional decorator this spring and encourage him to create a space that is fit for the highest quality lighting options on the market?

Karen Walker, founder of, appears to be somebody who would agree with such a suggestion, as she has told of the beauty of chandeliers.

The good news is that the designs are no longer exclusive to large, stately homes with huge rooms and high ceilings. In fact, creators have been hard at work ensuring chandeliers are suitable for any type of home. “What we’ve done is got a lot more creative about carving out the space underneath the chandelier so we can work with lower ceilings and also work with different designs,” Ms Walker explained. “So we’re going wider and shorter – keeping the statement and beauty of the pieces, but allowing them to be incorporated into lots more spaces,” she added.

Among the parts of the home that are now said to be ideal spots for chandeliers are above the dining table and close to your bed. Elegant lighting in such positions can be practical, stylish and romantic. But you must first get a room into top shape if a chandelier is to feel right there. After all, there is little point in combining the most opulent and high-class lighting with a tired, dated interior design.

The good news is you will not be alone when it comes to planning such a project, as Ms Walker noted that many people are now looking for ways to add chandeliers to unusual places.

Lesley Taylor, interior designer and design director at Taylor’s Etc, recently had some different home improvement advice, as she recommended doing up your bathroom with luxury materials at this time of the year.

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