Change to LED lighting, homeowners advised

There is plenty of focus on the need to be green at the current time, with one of the most important venues for this trend being the home. Quite simply, there is no excuse for wasting energy or adhering to poorly-constructed processes.

Instead, you can easily ramp up your efforts to go green in many ways. Of course, adding solar panels or insulation are interesting prospects, while perhaps the most obvious step to take is just to use less energy to light and heat a home.

LED lighting is another option well worth considering, with founder and managing director of Nigel’s Eco Store Nigel Berman speaking of the benefits of the solution at some length. He said you can expect to cut your energy consumption in the long run by turning to LED bulbs over standard illuminations.

Arguably the best way to ensure a top-quality job is carried out and your home is fitted with the very best LEDs is to hire a professional electrician to perform the work.

“LED bulbs last for around 25,000 hours – over 20 years. They use around 80 per cent less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs and around 30 per cent less energy than compact fluorescent lamp energy saving bulbs,” Mr Berman explained.

With this in mind, there is perhaps no reason to delay the arrival of LED lights in your home any longer. You could be saving money and power immediately, simply by seeking a local tradesman to oversee the switch.

Mr Berman added that LEDs do not contain any mercury, which marks them out as a safe option when it comes to disposal and recycling.

Rebecca Thompson, colour and design manager at Dulux, recently suggested many people are guilty of overlooking the importance of choosing the right lighting. Of course, not only can you become greener if you make a shrewd choice, you may also find the interior of your home is given a boost.

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