Changing Rooms star ‘loves changing rooms’

Linda Barker, star of TV show Changing Rooms, has claimed that she loves moving home as it offers the opportunity for her to let her creative juices flow.

The interior designer said that moving home is often perceived as a negative thing, but she relishes the prospect of making her mark on a new property and embarking on a fresh home improvement project.

She told the Sunday Mail: “I like change. Not many people do but I love it. I love the opportunities it brings. It is another chance to do a great house for ourselves.”

Mrs Barker believes that a new home is a “blank canvas” and she is at her happiest when she is devising plans for one.

William Davies, managing director at home improvement specialist Aspect Maintenance, said that tradespeople are also seeing a trend for people ilooking to redecorate a new home immediately to ensure that it is a reflection of them and their tastes.

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