Choosing the right doors for your home

Unless you’ve created a self- build home, you’ve probably never needed to make decisions about which external and internal doors to choose. When you move into a home, they’re usually all in place where they pass by unnoticed with the exception of the impossible to ignore front door and the large glass patio door should you have one.

If you’re thinking of replacing your doors, chances are it’s because you’re changing your home’s style or you’ve noticed that you haven’t got as much light and air flowing through your home as you’d like.

Here, we take you through three popular options to help you choose the right internal doors for your property.

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The sliding glass door

Sliding glass doors are normally found within larger rooms leading to spaces such as conservatories. However, since they slide on door rails, they don’t take up much room and can be used throughout the home. They let in a great deal of light and they’re perfect if the next room or outside space is attractive. If you’ve got mess to hide, they certainly won’t do you any favours!

The downside is that the life of outside facing doors can be shortened by frost and stormy weather and you’ll need to be disciplined in your cleaning of them, especially if you have children who will add their smeary handprints to the panels. If you’re intending to have a glass door with children around, it’s best to make sure that it’s well pin-pointed to avoid accidents. Here, the homeowners have used a vase and LEDs on the floor to illuminate the door of an evening.

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The hinged door

The hinged door is your average door and the type of door that you probably already had to begin with. These can be bought off the shelf pre-hung where they arrive ready to install with jamb and hinges attached. If you’re a keen DIYer, you can also have them delivered in slabs where they come ready for you to drill holes to install them. My advice – hire a carpenter if you can’t afford to replace them should you make a mistake! Should you have a noisy member of the family, opting for a solid door is a good option as it’s soundproof when it’s closed.

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The pocket door

If you’re replacing a door to separate off a small area such as a bathroom, a pocket door is a good choice. The door slides from one side to the other into a hollow cavity in the neighbouring wall. It’s ideal for opening up the space for air to flow and light to enter your home, as there is virtually no proof of its existence when the door is open.

While the doors can look out of place in main rooms, the arched versions give a whole new feel to a property. For those looking to create a unique home, the pocket door is definitely worth investigating! Keep in mind that plumbing and electrical work may need to be relocated to accommodate the door so I would always encourage you to seek professional advice before you start. Make sure that you hire a professional tradesman to fit the door or Ask an Expert for help before you hire if you’re not quite sure that the pocket door is the right option for what you are trying to achieve.

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If you would like to discuss your door replacement with a professional tradesman, we can help. Simply post your question and members of our expert panel will get in touch to offer advice.

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