City dwellers ‘do not need to be excluded from gardening trend’

The desire to look after a lawn, grow your own vegetables and watch plants develop and thrive can be just as strong among those of you living in the centre of a busy city as it is for others who reside in the green, open countryside.

Of course, your options are more limited and specialist from the middle of London or Manchester, but that is not to say that you cannot hire a professional gardener to give your abode a green-fingered touch. Susan Littlefield, horticultural editor at the National Gardening Association, said there is “continued interest” around the UK in urban gardening.

One particularly strong theme of this is food production, which is said to appeal to many. “Many of our readers are interested in learning to care for their yards and gardens in ways that promote environmental sustainability and reduce their garden’s carbon footprint, whether it is installing rain gardens to prevent runoff, growing plants that support pollinators and beneficial insects, or reducing the amount of area devoted to lawn,” Ms Littlefield stated. Her words suggest you do not have to resign yourself to going without a beautiful green space in which to relax just because you live in a town or city.

The expert went on to note that the creation of “edible landscapes” is a hot topic among Britons and there are plenty of species that are ideal because of their fruiting nature. These include raspberries, grapes and blueberries.A common misconception among homeowners at this time of the year is that there is nothing or little to do in the garden.

Tony Dickerson, horticultural advisor at the Royal Horticultural Society, recently dispelled this myth, admitting that while the winter is not the busiest period on the calendar it is still an ideal opportunity to plant trees and hedges that will be at their best by the time the weather improves.

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