Clean up and clear out your kitchen

With the official date of spring approach (March 20th), it’s time to clear the clutter and roll up your sleeves for the big spring clean. The kitchen is an area of the house that can get especially messy, but with the right storage solutions it needn’t be a case of chaos.

1. Invest in a simple black board and write down the weekly shopping list as well as kitchen products that you’re running out of. Washing up liquid always seems to be the forgotten item at the supermarket, so no more excuses. (From Labour and Wait)

2.Labels for jars (and the jars themselves) give a sense of uniformity and organisation. The beauty with keeping jars visible (filled with spaghetti, rice and pulses) is that there’s continuity among the clutter.  (The labels seen here are from Etsy)

3. Save kitchen space by hanging pots and utensils on the wall. There’s nothing worse than opening a cupboard with pans falling out, so instead, hang them neatly on the wall, or over a kitchen island. (Crate and Barrel)

4. Spice jars have a tendency to look messy when put on the kitchen counter, even if you try to arrange them according to size. These magnetic spice shakers will free up counter space, as they can be hung on the wall. (A place for Everything)

5. Stackable mixing bowls save space in cupboards, which means you get a better overview of your utensil. If your kitchen tools are spilling over on the counter surfaces, this is a clever stow-away solution.(Nigella’s kitchen range)

6. Rubbish bins don’t usually win any design awards, but the Ovetto is actually both practical with its multiple recycling compartment, and stylish. If you can’t hide your rubbish bin (and the recycling bins) under your kitchen sink, the Ovetto might be a solution.

If you have a bigger kitchen solution to tackle, post your job on Up to 3 interested kitchen specialists will get in touch to quote. To ensure you get the right tradesman for the job, you can read their previous customer ratings, look at photos of their work and we also advice that you talk to them over the phone or face to face. When your new kitchen has been finished, don’t forget to rate your tradesman so other homeowners know he’s a keeper.

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