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Exterior House Painting Ideas

Colour plays such a central part in our home designs that we often use it to describe our interiors. We’ve all had that, “I’ve thinking of painting my bedroom purple” moment. While coloured interiors have always been popular, the exterior of homes have always stayed natural – looking white or cream and sometimes staying in their innate state in the case of a natural red brick.

exterior house painting ideas

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While there is a lack of coloured homes on the market, it seems that we’re now dipping into the realm of exterior house painting ideas by testing the waters with flats and corporate buildings. Is this a trend that’s going to catch on? It could well be. Especially if our growing population results in more flats. The trick to getting the colour right is to be clear about the desired effect.

Exterior house painting ideas

To outline a structure

Colour is best used to orientate a space or outline a structure. The idea of placing a bright shade in amongst natural buildings can be off-putting and come across as a bit of an eye-sore. But when the surroundings are taken into consideration, you can produce some unique buildings with real appeal.

Take the Barking Central scheme. Three separate buildings stand side by side with balconies creating a neon explosion in East London. Redrow have picked up on the nature influences close by and come up with an autumnal colour palette to the left and a spring palette to the right. The buildings will take on a different relationship with the trees in the centre with the changing seasons. The middle building pays homage to the city’s history as the yellow and white tones reflect the shades of the R-Whites lemonade brand, whose old factory resided close by.

exterior paint

Image Source: Barking and Dagenham Post

To highlight a function

If not to make the buildings stand out, then colour can also be used to highlight a function. The Centre Pompidou in Paris uses blue and green to identify pipework, while mosques tend to have blue domes to bring them closer to the sky and therefore to God.

exterior paint colours

Image Source: The Paris-ite 

exterior paint ideas

Image Source: Tourism Pahang

To disorientate

For a different effect, colour can be scrambled to disorientate. This patchwork quilt approach makes it difficult to see where one room begins and one ends – handy to dissuade potential burglars if nothing else!

painting house exterior

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To achieve purity

Don’t forget, white and grey are still colours too and they are favourites on the architectural scene for their clarity. In the more interesting buildings, neutral tones can be mixed, like The Natural History Museum in Berlin. The grey concrete facade looks dated alongside the warmer yellow tones, hinting at the sheer span of the history inside.

outdoor paint

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Of course, buildings can look natural but still be coloured. Pigmentation can transform dull concrete into a warm brown, giving the formal structure of The Royal Embassy of the Netherlands an inviting edge.

exterior house paint colours

Image Source: Aga Khan Development Network

With an almost endless colour palette, the opportunities for our future properties are infinite. As we become more adventurous with material, we’ll see even more colours making their way into our neighbourhoods. In a few years time, dichromatic glass that changes from day to night and a brass exterior could be less of a one off and more of an everyday. While I can’t see us cloaking our homes in them entirely, perhaps panels will give our homes a future edge?

exterior building colours

Image Source: Cladtek Ltd

Could you visualise living in a colourful home? Do you think the trend will take off? Let us know by contacting us through Facebook or Twitter.

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