Colour ‘is the key to great home design’

The colour of your home can say a lot about your personality and the type of person you are. Indeed, it can also give out an instant message to visitors, from telling them they are welcome to creating mental obstacles that line their path.

As such, it is important to get your choice of shades right when it comes to decorating any room and, in particular, one of the key areas such as the living room or kitchen. Luckily, colour and design manager at Dulux Rebecca Thompson has issued her expert advice on the subject of colour in home improvements, putting forward several tones that may excite and interest all of you with your own home.

For instance, Ms Thompson recommended red as a great option for the bedroom, although she also said a more subtle style can work well in this space. In the kitchen, the current trend is for creating special features, such as a glass or tiled splashback behind a sink.

“We’re thinking about how decorating affects how you use the space and how you engage as a couple or a family – actually that emotive uplift can [be used] to change the colour or wall to give a bit more of a refreshed look to your space. It can look a bit more romantic and improve relations,” Ms Thompson stated.

Italian furniture manufacturer Natuzzi recently offered its own guide to the trendiest fashions of spring and summer 2012, advising you to ditch bright and bold shades in favour of calmer tones. Indeed, it noted that natural beauty is very much the way forward when it comes to design.

Whatever colours you decide to introduce to your home in order to boost its appeal, it might be worth hiring a professional decorator to do the work so that you can be sure of the highest quality finish.

If you’re looking for a skilled decorator in your local area, we can help you find one. Post your job on and we’ll put you in touch with up to three tradesmen. Read their reviews and ratings online and select the right one for you and your job. That way you’ll know that you’re employing an expert who you can trust.

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