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Types of Interior Colour Scheme

Crown, the paint experts, say colour is personal: ‘No rules. Just walls’. We totally agree, however, colour isn’t only limited to paint-  think about wallpaper, flooring, lighting and soft furnishings as well as the different types of interior colour scheme. With so many options around, why not make life easier and create a mood board?

If you are thinking about giving your home a spruce up it’s often hard to know where to start; we would suggest picking a focal point and base your design around that. Whether it’s a statement sofa or a focal wall, keep your colour palette simple. Three colours would be perfect to give depth without looking to busy.

Additionally, stay safe and scientific with a tonal, harmonious or complementary colour scheme.

Types of interior colour scheme

Tonal is basic and safe you can’t go wrong. Pick one colour on a colour wheel, or select a colour swatch from your local paint store, and use a selection of tones of that one colour (three is usually enough). This will look great, simple yet stylish, but to avoid it looking boring use a selection of patterns and textures when selecting your furnishings. The benefits of this method is that it gives an the illusion of space. Remember to keep your ceilings light and darker tones lower down.

Harmonious is a great way to add depth that is pleasing to the eye, but if you don’t have an eye for colour we’d recommend getting some help. Colours with the same density work best together, but if you’re unsure it never hurts to get an expert in to help.

Complimentary colour schemes are a bit more straightforward. Think of Christmas; green and red look great together because they’re opposite each other on the colour wheel. This is an exciting approach because there are so many possible combinations. Consider charcoal grey and almond pink, or rich blue and terracotta for that “summer Med” feel. A tip to tone down bright schemes is to add neutral accessories and accents.

Don’t forget it’s not just about picking colours that work well together. Where are you going to be using the colours? If it’s an exterior paint job harmonious colours would look great on a chocolate box terrace on the Devon coast, but may make you unpopular with your neighbours in Chelsea. However, it’s not just about interiors and exteriors, consider calming and neutral colours for bedrooms, but go wild in semi-outdoor living spaces. It’s important to try to maintain a flow between rooms. Provincial French in the living room and red with hot pink accents in the kitchen can’t be recommended!

But these are just rules and rules are made to be broken, so take a risk and it may just pay off! Emmeline and I love to hate this twist on French/Italian eccentric decor. Definitely OTT!

Whether you go for it yourself or get a Rated Person in, don’t get carried away. Before you start buying litre tins of paint or roles of handmade wallpaper, start by painting small areas, pining up some wallpaper samples and draping some fabric. Get a feel of how the colours will work in different lights – when decorating goes wrong it can be an expensive mistake.

Whatever you decide to do, crazy or safe, we love to see the results, post your photos on our Facebook Page!

If you need help or advice with a new colour scheme or painting your home, post your job in our Painter / Decorator category. Up to three tradesmen can contact you to quote and you’ll be able to view their profile pages, complete with customer ratings, to help you decide who to hire.

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