Conservatories give you ‘room to grow’

If you are currently packing a whole family into one south-facing room in the hope of feeling the sun’s rays, a conservatory may be the answer.

The Daily Record claims that technological advances mean that conservatories are now an ideal space solution and not just a room bolted on to the side of a home.

Richard Al-Dabbagh, head of personal loans at Alliance and Leicester, says that the British weather often puts a dampener on the desire to spend time in the garden.

He adds that the top improvements to make gardens more enticing include hot tubs, saunas and conservatories, but some people “may be averse to installing a hot tub during the colder months”.

“Options such as conservatories mean the outdoors can still be appreciated, but from within the warmth of the home,” he furthers.

A spokesperson for DIY and garden centre retailer B&Q has claimed that a conservatory is likely to pay for itself in increased market value.