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Cosy apartment interior design ideas

Updating the décor of your living space can be a challenge when you live in a rented apartment but creating a home that’s curated to your personal tastes can be done.

Though you may not be able to paint your walls bright orange or install the custom built-in cabinets that you’ve always wanted, there are several things that you can do to make your space feel like it truly belongs to you.

Apartment dining room with wooden table and floor

Select the right furniture

Modern living area with abstract painting on the wall

Even if a space is temporary, the pieces in it shouldn’t be. Resist the temptation to fill your apartment with the cheapest pieces available. Stop thinking that you’ll need to replace your furniture when you move out of the apartment. Instead, invest in pieces that you will cherish forever.

Neutral design living room with cosy pillows, plants and wooden furniture

If your current budget doesn’t allow you to splurge on your dream items, consider looking at furniture consignment stores. They often offer designer products at discounted prices, which means you’ll be purchasing quality items at a price you can afford.

Choose multifunctional pieces

Open plan kitchen and living area in large apartment

Because space may be limited, select furniture and décor that can be dual-purposed. This may mean, for example, that your dining table will be used for purposes other than dining. For those with a creative side, a drafting table could be appropriate. It would provide adequate space for crafting and the wide top to the table would be perfect for serving a meal as well.

Invest in lighting

Living area with warm soft colours in studio apartment

Light fixtures in an apartment are often overlooked opportunities for making a design impact. Swap out fixture covers and chandeliers for updated alternatives that suit your style. Be sure to keep and properly store the originals, so you can replace them before you move out. Also, use lamps and strategic placing of mirrors to brighten the space with little effort.

Consider the use of dimmers too as long as your landlord approves. The ability to change your mood lighting at the push of a button can do wonders for making a space feel like your own. New technology makes this easier than ever, thanks to smart-home apps like Wink.


Create storage

Loft style interior in cozy country house

Make sure every square foot of your property is properly utilised and consider the storage that each piece of furniture provides. Find a resting place for every item you own and utilise organisational tools to maintain order.

Black and white living room with orange electric guitar

If, in the process, you find that you simply can’t fit everything you own into your apartment, consider downsizing. Keep the items that are of special value to you, as well as the ones that you truly love to look at everyday.

Dress up the walls

Living room with green walls and wooden furniture

Decorating your walls can be a sore subject for many tenants. If you need an option other than painting, consider removable wallpaper or use a custom design tool to create your own wall decals. Either option allows you to give drab walls a little extra flair. And they come with the flexibility that they can be easily changed and removed when you move out.

Whether you paint, use decals, or wallpaper, adding artwork can make your walls pop. Avoid putting holes in the wall whenever possible, as you’ll most likely have to patch them before another tenant can occupy the apartment. Instead, use adhesive strips to hang pictures and artwork.

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