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Unusual Wall Painting Ideas

Unfinished painting is the stuff of nightmares so imagine my surprise when I came across these rather unusual wall painting ideas! I can’t imagine all of the designs taking off but there’s something quirky about each one that’s appealing.

First up is the boxed window frame. The yellow paint extends outwards from the frame to create the impression of a stream of sunlight. It’s arty and it’s different so it gets the thumbs up from me. What makes this so great are the linear lines which bring order to an otherwise chaotic colour experiment. The painting looks meaningful and particular. You wouldn’t be fooled into thinking the painter had just stopped work half way through the project.

wall painting ideas

Next on the list is this luminous orange wall. To some, it could look like an unfinished painting job but to others, it’s a new take on the ombre trend.  If you’re looking to try out the technique, this is a good one to start with – especially if you’re not great at DIY painting! The key is in the broad roller strokes and making sure that you have an all over base colour on the wall behind. I’m not sure it’s my favourite, but I’d love to know what you think.

wall painting designs

Steering things into a spookier direction, behold the white spotlight, created using white paint. By covering the wall, door and floor in what’s almost a perfect circle, a spotlight effect forms. It’s reminiscent of a crime scene with a burglar shining a torch light and it requires great skill but the finished result is definitely dazzling. It would make a fantastic talking point if nothing else!

wall decoration ideas

Last up we have the precise green strip. Reaching from floor to ceiling, the strip follows a clear path down the window – or at least appears to. I’m not one for coloured glass but I approve of the cocooning feeling. It’s not hard to imagine losing yourself for a minute and allowing the room to seem cosier and more intimate. Boxed (room) present with a ribbon (strip), anyone?

unique wall decor

Do any of the four painting techniques appeal to you? Let us know by commenting below or get in touch on Facebook and Twitter. If you’ve had a go at the ‘new ombre’, we’d love to see a picture or two!

Full credit for all images belongs to Interiorholic.

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