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How to create a period perfect home exterior

With the housing market improving and the economy on the up, there’s a desire to make the best of our homes, or even start house hunting for that dream home. So if you’re looking for a change, period property has never been more popular. Here’s how to bring a period style to your home.

Period roof styles


Thatch is chocolate-box pretty and creates a feeling of countryside bliss. It’s particularly popular for heritage properties and you can find many fine examples in the South West. It was used from Anglo-Saxon times and even though it was a poor-mans roof cover in the beginning, it is now a period roof of choice. In fact new houses are being built with thatch and as it’s increasingly requested, we may be seeing a revival for the old skills of thatching. As an added bonus your house price may also go up and you can join the estimated 60,000 proud thatched property owners in Britain. If you take a peek here, you can see what life’s like living under thatch.


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It may seem like a costly option but traditional slate can be affordable. It’s elegant and attractive on period homes. You can complement the slate roof with an elegant paint colour making for a smart appearance. Slate roofs come into their own when it’s raining and make the natural stone shine beautifully.

Door shelters

According to an article by the BBC, when asked to name your dream home, the most frequent response is “period”. It could be Victorian with the bay window and patterned brickwork, the airy Edwardian style or the Georgian new classical styling. With our penchant for home improvements, door shelters are popular as they create a statement entrance and keep guests dry out of the rain!

edwardian front door

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Styles of door shelters are varied, and a range of mouldings made from durable materials means you can combine style and performance. If you like pillars then Georgian style door shelters can add a dramatic flair to the exterior of your home.

Alternatively, if you are keen to evoke the passion of the Romantic Period, why not opt for a Roman scalloped design?

Sash windows

A perfect period home exterior will of course include a set of elegant windows. From small panes incorporated into the Edwardian style, to the sash windows of the Victorian era, sash windows are always a stand out feature. They were introduced to England in the late 17th Century and some fine examples can be found at Chatsworth House, Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace.


Image source: Wikimedia

And as decorative features were important to Victorians, box sash windows in the Victorian era incorporated leaded lights and mouldings onto their sash windows. They were most popular up until the First World War but have declined in use since. Whether you opt for reproduction sash windows or the restoration of original ones, for the period home, the sash window is a certain winner.

Period front door designs and furniture

If you live in a period property then you’ll want to finish off the front door to be in keeping with the style of the period. Whether an urban Victorian Villa, an Edwardian House, or a country cottage from centuries past, a front door design and the right accessories, or “furniture” can have a unifying effect.

You can buy reproductions to fit in with your scheme or go to a reclamation yard. The latter can often be treasure troves for period detail hunters. Who doesn’t love rummaging around those lovely original designs from a time when craftsmanship was a little different to today? With the revival in the authentic, look out for the following accessories to add to your front door:

Blacksmithing latches and door furniture

You’ll care about matching up the period home with the details which make it so special. Faithful reproductions of finest English blacksmithing are available and look perfectly in keeping with country cottages, outhouses and gates.

Statement entrances

For statement entrances, look for brass, nickel or bronze front door knobs. Designs vary from the period beehive mortise handle to a smooth, but sleek, oval. Matched with door furniture of the same material, these will look great against a beautifully painted front door.

blue georgian house

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Wood for authentic arts and crafts

The arts and crafts movement made popular by William Morris has simple design at its heart and what could be simpler than items fashioned from natural materials such as wood? Pay a visit to a reclamation yard and keep your eyes peeled for authentic wooden handles.

Letter plates & finger plates

Matching up your smart door knobs with letter plates and finger plates makes for a neat front door entrance. Look out for matching designs in bronze, brass, or iron. With letters becoming a less popular method of communication in the present day, it’s always nice to have the feature of a letter plate to remind us of our heritage.

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