Daffodils ‘bring different colours to a garden’

For gardeners in Sheffield and elsewhere in the UK, daffodils may be the perfect plant to brighten an outdoor space when spring arrives. However, as Emma Townshend explained in an article for the Independent, they should not feel limited to the very bright, vibrant yellow varieties.


Image source: A Little Bit of Silliness Really

She suggested there are a “whole realm” of different shades available that could easily bring some colour to a backyard after a winter of bare trees. Although the traditional yellow bloom may appeal to some, there are also cream, white and paler varieties in the narcissus family.

Ms. Townshend added: “And the scent can be spirit-liftingly good, if you pick the right varieties,” which often come into their “full powers” during the month of March.

Before gardeners get down to the job of planting blooms for their clients, they may want to follow the advice of garden centre owner Gary Garner, who told WSET that it is important to check the soil temperature first.

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