Decorators could create dark and mysterious home design

Britons might wish to call in decorators in Liverpool in order to create a dark and mysterious style that has been recommended by an expert.

Helen Green, an interior designer writing for, explained that the look is one that is inspired by Halloween.

She promised those who follow her tips will end up with an “enchanting” design that adds a magical feel to a space.

“Choose dark walls and bring in a sensuous fabric in silver or even gold. Keep the room dark with the use of blackout window blinds teamed with full length bedroom curtains,” advised Ms Green.

Professionals should use a variety of materials and shades in order to create the most mysterious look possible, while different textures within the room are also recommended.

A recent study by Tool-net found that women are becoming increasingly confident with DIY projects, but men may be more likely to turn to tradesmen for help.


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