Decorating ‘can help to form spacious interiors’

There are many different tactics you can use to ensure that no room in your home is tight, stuffy and closed in. Instead, all parts of the property can actually seem airy, light and spacious and conducive to high-quality living.Colour and design manager at Dulux Rebecca Thompson has issued some advice on how to make the most of the floor and wall space at your disposal in order to form a beautiful interior. Of course, this might be an opportunity to call in a professional decorator and ask him to carry out your home improvements to the very highest standard.

Perhaps the best place to start is with the colour of your walls. This can have a huge impact on exactly how spacious your rooms appear to be.

“A lot of people assume that painting the ceiling white helps to [expand] your walls, but actually it creates a framing effect that shortens them. Instead, try carrying a colour down on to your skirting boards in order to elongate your walls,” Ms Thompson advised. She went on to suggest that a blanket colour all around a room will always seem to be far more spacious than simply painting it white. It is also wise to move the colour up the walls so that people’s eyes are drawn towards it, rather than down in the direction of the floor.

Ms Thompson said it is possible to make children feel as though they have more room in their bedrooms. For instance, she recommended painting an image of a tree on the wall to “add a bit of creativity and space”. Last week, Ms Thompson identified lighting as another area in which you can make a difference to your home. She suggested many people are guilty of ignoring the quality and style of the lighting at their disposal.

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