Design tips dished out to British businesses

It is easy to think about what improvements you can make to the decor of your home. Whether it is a new coat of paint that is required or something more substantial, we all have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to keeping up with various trends and styles. But many of us are not quite as confident at keeping our workplace up to date and comfortable, as one expert has been discussing.

Karen Haller, an interior designer and colour expert, suggested there are a number of steps business leaders can take to ensure their premises are welcoming, professional and conducive to great work. “Colour is a very important design aspect to consider, given it’s on every surface. Just as important is light, for without light there wouldn’t be colour. It’s important to use colours that tonally harmonise with each other,” she said.

Therefore, the obvious place to start may be with the colour of your offices. Light and pale shades are ideal, whereas dark and rich tones have the wrong impact. “A pastel blue has a very different psychological effect than if it was an intense, dark blue. Businesses also need to consider using their brand colours,” Ms Haller continued.

Those of you taking the industry chief’s advice on board will also wish to note the words of Amanda Self, one of the founders of the Smart Cookies money group, who used a piece for the Globe and Mail recently to declare that getting in a professional to carry out such work is a far better – and potentially cheaper – option than doing it yourself.

It is simply important to put your tradesman on the right track by offering information on what you want your headquarters to look like. You can then sit back and enjoy a relaxing and attractive workplace coming together at the hands of an experienced professional.

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