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Designing a home in the style of Jane Eyre

A fan of period drama, I’m excited to see the re-make of Jane Eyre when it hits cinemas September 9. Although it would be difficult to fully re-create the atmosphere of Thornfield Hall, the ghastly interior of Lowood School, or the imposing and unfriendly atmosphere of Gateshead, you can put bits and pieces together and form a wonderful Victorian Aged world in your home.

Here’s what to think about if you want transport yourself back to the days of Jane Eyre.

The Chaucer Bed


This bed is a real statement piece, and encapsulates Victorian grandness. You don’t necessarily have to decorate the rest of the room in the same style as it risks looking gimmicky, so to make the bed stand out even more, opt for white and neutral colours (although the Victorians would’ve preferred strong blue shades). Paisley and lace are typically Victorian too, so incorporate these elements on lamp shades, blankets and curtains for a romantic touch.

In the Victorian day and age, Rococo was the popular bedroom style, especially for ladies. Heavy ornamented patterns with flowers or animals dominated the wallpaper range and rich colours such as ruby red were en vogue.


Modern Victorian living room

Living room

It’s all about the amount of furniture here and showing off your cluttered space. The living room was a sign of status, so it was important that it contained impressive pieces. A modern take on a Victorian living room would include a richly decorated cast iron fireplace, complete with candlesticks and figurines. Even old family portraits and photographs in oval frames would add a Victorian flair.

To go all out, invest in dark wooden furniture (preferably mahogany), rich tapestries or floral wallpapers. Stained glass would be the obvious window choice, as well as upholstered furniture in velvet.

The bathroom

Roll top bath in Victorian style

Re-creating a Victorian bathroom is neigh on impossible, as the sanitary standards were not up to modern speed. It was also a purely functional room, which means it wasn’t overly decorated. However, a bathroom is the place in the house which can really do with some fun experimentation.

Invest in a roll top bath with claw feet, gilded mirrors, and a Victorian basin. Embroidered hand towels as well as ceramic jugs would additionally step away from any mod cons. Toward the end of the 19th century (and the end of the Victorian Age) Japonism was on every trendy person’s radar (Whistles and Wilde to mention a few) so invest in a Japonaise print jug.

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