Dimmer switches ‘a must in British homes’

When it comes to deciding on home improvements, there are some fairly obvious ways to enhance your abode. You can have the walls painted, add new furniture or build an extension. But a more subtle option that also has a huge impact is to revamp your lighting solutions.

Interior designer Jo Hamilton has spoken of the advantages of improving your lighting options, explaining this can make a big difference. She picked out LED lighting as a particularly good selection, stating she is a “huge fan” of it.

The expert went on to suggest there are numerous advantages to LEDs, as they have many uses and are extremely practical. You can focus the lights on a particular feature or object that you are proud of within your home to show it off at its very best.

Another good idea is to get a professional electrician to fit dimmer switches, which can then be used to alter the brightness of a room. You might want to alter the level of light depending on the time of the day it is or what you are doing. For example, reading a book or preparing a meal is likely to require a lot more light than snuggling up on the sofa in front of the TV.

“You might be running around after children in the morning, then you might have friends for lunch, then you might have a glass of wine and a bit of romance, or friends over for dinner – so you need the light to be really versatile. Dimmers can just help with that – I think they’re great,” Ms Hamilton explained.

Her words of wisdom come shortly after those of interiors journalist Ellie Tennant, who backed the idea of choosing smaller, romantic lights over one central bulb. She said items such as spotlights, wall lights and lamps should make you feel warm and cosy while you are relaxing in your property, which is surely the dream of all homeowners.

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