Dining rooms ‘a priority for many people’

Depending on the way you live and the most common activities you enjoy in your spare time, your home is likely to be laid out in a slightly different way to others.

There is nothing to worry about if you find your abode carries a different style or look to those belonging to your friends or family. If you are somebody who loves to relax on the sofa and watch television in the evening, it stands to reason that your living room will be the subject of most of your investment and home improvements. Whether you want to paint it in a trendy and comfortable design or splash out on lavish soft furnishings, your actions will aim to support your lifestyle.

Similarly, if you and your family enjoy nothing more than spending hours in the kitchen cooking up delicious, healthy dishes, you are likely to prioritise this room over others.

Another important factor is what room you deem to be the hub of your home. In more and more cases, it is the kitchen that takes on the role of the primary social and entertainment centre of a property, but for many people it remains the lounge or the dining room.

Of course, if you like to invite friends round for an evening meal or a party, the dining room will be a key space in your set-up. This is where your largest table is likely to be kept, so it goes without saying that you will want to seat guests in this room and lay on an evening of entertainment.

A spokeswoman for Shankar has backed this theory up by claiming that an increasing number of Britons are looking for more from their dining rooms at the moment. Indeed, she noted many of you are seeking qualities such as sociability and attractiveness.

“They want value for money and they want quality. Extending dining tables seem to be the thing – where they close up small and then can extend at Christmas time when you have got the whole family round. They are probably the best selling item. Oak is most popular,” the representative stated.

“People want their dining rooms to look more sociable and presentable. It is about dining tables and sideboards.”

With this in mind, you might want to visit and seek out the local tradesmen that can help you get your dining room in the best possible shape. For instance, a painter and decorator could help to get the space back into a state of extreme modernity and in vogue looks, while an electrician can be utilised to fit the latest lighting solutions that will bring style and spark to your gatherings, perhaps in the form of an eye-catching chandelier.

Earlier this month, Ashley Furniture HomeStore suggested that larger kitchens with eat-in areas are becoming a huge hit among many British households. Of course, these boast a great level of practicality and comfort and may well be worthy of consideration depending on the layout of your property, but for the most impressive, formal dining experience it is still worth investing in your dining room and its decoration.

You just never know when a classy dining room will come in useful. We have already explored the idea of hosting dinner parties or even having somewhere to sit down on a regular basis with your family, but a sophisticated area in the home is a plus for many other reasons. With more of us working from home, it could at times double up as a modern office, while it might also be used as somewhere to entertain a prospective partner you have invited for a date.

It is clear that the dining room is still a big part of contemporary life and, as that is unlikely to change any time soon, you are strongly advised to spend what time and money you can on making it as beautiful and comfortable as possible. But remember, if you do not feel up to any jobs, do not hesitate to call in a local tradesman to ensure the best finish and immaculate safety.

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