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How to Display Christmas Cards

Every Christmas, a mountain of cards comes through my front door. My family and close friends account for most of them but the odd neighbour and long-lost friend send me the yearly update too.

It’s always nice learning that it’s no longer ‘Laura, Paul and family ’ but ‘Laura, Matthew and family’. The problem comes when I realise I’ve got nowhere to put them all besides the cabinets, right next to the draughty door. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve walked into the room and watched them fall.

So to save my sanity, I’ll be having a go at one of these displays this week. They’re all so pretty, it’s just a case of deciding how to display Christmas cards in the home this year.

How to display Christmas cards at home

Garland decorated doorway

One way to create added warmth in your home, is to drape a thick garland around a door frame and secure the cards amongst the branches. The greenery gives an inviting feel while the cards have that personal touch. It’s difficult to dislike the lived-in look.

Garland decorated banister

how to display Christmas cards
Image Source: Sunny Side Up

In keeping with the garland theme, swapping the door frame for a banister screams family Christmas. Framing each card and hanging it with red ribbon will soften the look. If you’re veering from the traditional green and red colour scheme this year, you can pick a colour of your choice to carry through. Easy!

Hanging window chain

Investing in some thin string and carrying off the chained look is one of the most popular ways of displaying cards each year. It’s simple but effective. I’ve had a go before but personally, I’m steering clear of it. I don’t like the way the cards wobble and move when the curtains are drawn. I’m also not a fan of blocking light. Too few cards and the chains look empty, too many and the room’s a few shades darker.

Hanging ceiling tower

christmas card holder ideas
Image Source: Apartment Therapy

A hanging ceiling tower is unique and much like the window chain, it’s simple to create. Hole-punching small holes into the cards and tying string through them in a vertical fashion will give you the display that you desire. It’s very modern and very creative. The drawback is that you may need to create multiple towers if you’re lucky enough to receive lots of cards! One can look artistic, many more can tip the look over into tacky…

Wall art

christmas card display
Image Source: House To Home

Last but not least, if you would rather buy then make, then investing in a bright piece of wall art could be just what you’re after. Whether large or small, purchasing a Christmas themed wall art will ensure that your display can’t be missed. For a winter only wall adornment, pick a reindeer or snowflake. For all year round wall art, a star will give you greater value for money.

Now, which one do I settle on…?

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