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Dr Who Bedroom Décor Inspiration

This Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of the well-loved programme, Doctor Who. It’s so popular that even calling it a programme seems insulting to the fans who perceive it to be so much more than that.

Whether you’re a dedicated Whovian or you’ve just caught the odd episode, it’s hard not to get caught up in the buzz around Saturday’s episode. It’ll be impossible to avoid, so we might as well get in the spirit now by marvelling at these Dr who bedroom decor recreations of the closest thing to The Doctor’s permanent home – the TARDIS.

Dr Who bedroom decor ideas

The cupboard

The attention to detail with this cupboard is impressive. Hand painted, it adds personality to an otherwise bland room by introducing colour into the mix. I like the idea of transforming items that you already own, rather than investing in shop-bought Doctor Who products. After all, it’s the fans’ personal investment that’s kept the show running. If you’re even considering painting your cupboard, chances are you’re verging on Whovian and won’t tire of it any time soon.

dr who bedroom decor

Image Source: Pinterest

The wardrobe that’s not a wardrobe

Bear with me here. One fan has created a space that looks like a wardrobe but isn’t a wardrobe. The open doors point to clothes storage but there aren’t any clothes in sight, or a rail for them. In fact, all you’ll find is a wall painted to resemble an environment that The Doctor has travelled to. Picture the scene. The Doctor travels to a specific year in time and opens the door to the TARDIS to find this strange new world…

It’s not clear whether the bed folds up in the space but if it were me, I’d have the pillow at the other end!

doctor who bedroom

Image Source: Pinterest

The bedside cabinet

Tired of your bedside cabinet? Who knew that the TARDIS could be such a great storage solution? One fan did, deciding to lose the doors and invest in shelving. It makes perfect sense. The TARDIS is larger on the inside than the outside, so naturally, you’d want to store your favourite items in it. Alas, there’s no word on whether this one is larger than it appears.

doctor who room decor

Image Source: Pinterest

The lantern

Branching out from furniture, this lantern has had me gazing in disbelief. The intricacy in the glass detail is astounding and once the light flickers, it resembles the TARDIS preparing to take off. Some may dislike the black edges which stop it from appearing too authentic, but I think it helps blend the mosaic into the home that it’s designed for. There’s something about the black which inches it closer to the luxury side of the home accessories market.

doctor who furniture

Image Source: imgur

Which of these is your favourite representation of the TARDIS? Have you created a better item of furniture or a home accessory to rival the lantern? Let us know by commenting below or getting in touch on Facebook and Twitter.

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