Don’t miss: Arts & Crafts garden festival in Devon

I hope you’ve noticed that we’ve spruced up the blog this week. We’re now on the hunt for the latest home improvement news and are set on sharing these top stories with you. As we’re easing into summer (although with the current weather it feels more like autumn than anything else), there are lots of gardening events going on. Every week, we’ll try to dig up some interesting shows that we think deserve a mention.

This week, we’re pushing for the Arts & Crafts Garden Festival in Devon. It’s the very first of its kind, and will certainly inspire keen gardeners or those who want to learn the trade.

The Edwardian estate Coombe Trenchard, which bears the typical Arts & Crafts style, has been closed for 50 years and it’s not until now that the present owners, Sarah and Philip Marsh, have opened up their doors and gardens to the public.

The inaugural 2-festival (17-18 June) will champion the gardening artisans of today and gardening speakers, exhibitors and other happy craftsmen will together celebrate the 21st century Arts & Crafts revival. There will be a music terrace, Edwardian croquet match, gardeners Q&A, and plenty of good food to make everyone merry. Or so we assume with paella pans and hog roasts on the menu.

For more information on opening hours, ticket prices and other important bits and bobs click here.

Let us also remind you that if you feel inspired after this festival but don’t have the time, tools or temper to fix your own backyard, it’s an easy fix to hire a gardener. Post your job description on Rated People and sit back, waiting for a trusted tradesman to get in touch.


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