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When Double Glazing Installers Go Bad

We’ve all heard of cowboy builders – whether you’ve experienced them first-hand or you’ve merely heard the horror stories from your neighbour, you’ll want to make sure you avoid them. The trouble is, it’s not always that simple. Let’s face it, once the damage has been done, you’ll need to know what the next steps should be moving forward. So here are some tips on what you should do if your double glazing installers go bad.

Know your rights

Laws exist which state that double glazing should:

  • Be completed with ‘reasonable care and skill’
  • Windows should be ‘of satisfactory quality’ and ‘fit for purpose’
  • Be the model you ordered

The above three conditions all need to be met in order for the contract to be valid. If not, they’ve essentially breached it and you’re within your rights to request that your double glazing is either replaced or repaired to your specifications.

It’s always a good idea to raise any complaints in writing – this way, you’ve got written proof of any promises made to you by the company, as well as timelines for completion.

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When signing a contract…

Before any work is carried out, you’ll need to sign a contract. Under the regulations set out in the Cancellation of Contracts made in a Consumer’s Home or Place of Work, you have the right to cancel any contract which you’ve signed at home or at work within seven days after the company has confirmed your rights in writing. Once cancelled, you’re under no obligation to pay out any money.


How to right the wrongs

Of course, it’s not always practical to find another double glazing company if something goes wrong – for a start, you cannot be sure that the same problems won’t occur. So here’s how you can quickly work to put things right:

Speak up sooner rather than later

The minute you spot a problem, you should get in touch with your double glazing installers. Feel free to make a telephone call but always send written confirmation too as you may need to call on this at a later date.

Set a deadline

There will be occasions when the deadline for completion of the work will need to be extended due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, make sure you agree with the company on a new completion date. Again, it is wise to get this in writing.

Give the company one last chance

If this second deadline comes and goes and the work still hasn’t been completed or there are still problems with the existing work, be prepared to give the company one final chance but tell them that you will find someone else and claim back any costs accrued if the third deadline isn’t adhered to.

Gather evidence

If it looks like you’ll have to take the company to court in order to claim back money, you absolutely must gather some concrete evidence. Talk to other companies and get some written quotes for resolving the problem, then make sure that you take photographs of the issues and compile a full report before any work is commenced.

Written by Abigail Clapham on behalf of Malbern Windows, the double glazing windows, doors and conservatories company.

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  1. I have had a recent problem with the double glazing company who I have stopped fitting my windows. There was a complete misinterpretation of the design and they have been made.
    Not enough detail was provided on the agreement ,which I did not pick up on as I understood they were making bespoke windows ,and were merely replacing like for like , only double glazed.
    What are my rights in this instance and are there any governing bodies who I can turn to for help in sorting this out with the company?

    1. Hi, I’m just experiencing exactly the same issue. The agreement was very misleading, and conversations and understanding where not considered when the supplier made the windows. What was the outcome for you?

      1. Hi Matt,

        Sorry to hear this! Abigail wrote this post for us on behalf of Malbern Windows. She didn’t experience the issue herself but working for a windows, doors and conservatory company means she has the knowledge of what to do when a double glazing installation goes wrong. I’d suggest following the advice in the ‘How to right the wrongs’ paragraph – I hope it helps rectify the issue.

        Best of luck,

  2. I had double glazing fitted a few weeks ago. Have subsequently found that upstairs dormer window slide mechanism is bending whilst opening. Have had the company back who suggested other fitments but I will then be unable to clean from the inside. Another of their solutions involved fitments. disabling this window as a fire escape (this is not an option for me). Is there anyone I can contact to view and advise?

    1. Hi Charlotte,

      Sorry to hear you’ve had problems with the double glazing. I would try posting your question in our Ask category so a registered tradesperson (in your case a window and conservatory specialist) could offer some advice.

      Bets of luck getting it sorted.


  3. We had windows fitted over 5 years ago, but within weeks of the widows being fitted, a window in the small bedroom (which we use as walk in wardrobe) cracked from 3 corners to the centre !
    we spoke to the firm we purchased the windows from and the man said that we must of leant something against the window then gave us a price as to how much a new glazing unit would cost and as I work I the building trade and thought sod them ill replace it cheap enough my self but have not had the time nor the money to do so. since then I have had a window company around to have a look and they said that all the windows should of been toughened due to the size and how high the windows are positioned. in the whole front of the house.
    My question is where do I stand to make a complaint as the windows have a 10 year warranty.

  4. Hi,
    We signed a contract for having our windows replaced back in March this year. Since then, the company has missed 3 installation dates. What can I do, how can i get them to install or refund our deposit back?

  5. When it comes to windows, double glazed windows are gaining popularity and are hundred percent waterproof and weather resistant. I really liked your points you have focused in your article. Thanks

  6. I had a new front door fitted November 2017 which is partly glazed with coloured glass outside frosted inside
    During the warm weather it imploded shattering the inside glass
    The Double Glaze Company of which I have a 10 year warranty which does not cover glass although I told them it is not only glass
    it is a unit which is normally filled with Gas on manufacturer if a slight bit of air gets into it during temperature change can cause it to implode what should I do

  7. I had doors fitted by sage windows and doors and one the stable door has been nothing but a problem since it was fitted they have been out on several occasions to fix it 7 weeks ago the top section fell off and I keep getting excuses as to when it is going to be replaced

  8. We have built a bespoke house overlooking the channel. The double glazed doors have always let in a draughtbin one corner. The black hinges on the doors were just covered in a flimsy plastic covering exposing the stainless steel underneath. The front door has bubbled up and has bumps all around the needing, the letter box has rusted all over, despite me explaining at length we needed a marine finish as we were facing the sea. I have been accused by them of using the wrong cleaning materials on the door, which I have only ever wiped down. They have been very slow to act and rectify the situation.

    1. Hi Irene, sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve had. I hope the issue gets sorted soon and that the advice given in the blog helped.

  9. Awesomely in-depth article and some similar points that i always follow as a golden rule. There is one company online were you can check the installation teams and manufacturers to see if they can back up the warranties and guaranties that they promise. If you go to the ”ABOUT US” page of you can see to the bottom of the page the sources to verify installers and fabricators, its an awesome source.

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