Tackle heating concerns for eco-friendly living

A home’s heating system could hold the key to its eco-friendly status. That is the view of Julia Goodfellow-Smith, director of, who said warming up a building is one of the largest costs and biggest environmental impacts associated with running a home.

Therefore, it is worth focusing on this area when it comes to making cutbacks as there is plenty of potential to be more sustainable.

While there are some methods people can carry out themselves – such as timing the heating to come on only when it is needed and leaving it on for longer on a lower level – there is also the need for a professional tradesman to take a look on occasion.

For example, a plumber could carry out a regular service on a central heating system – something that is thoroughly endorsed by Ms Goodfellow-Smith. This should ensure heating solutions are running in an efficient way.

But the expert’s tips do not end there, as she went on to suggest asking a professional to fit a thermostat that allows the homeowner to set the temperature of their radiators, as well as choose which rooms are to be warmed. This will help people keep a tighter control over the power they are using.

“Another key impact is water use, particularly as water resources come under more pressure. [People should] shower instead of taking baths and keep their showers short,” Ms Goodfellow-Smith continued, as she set out her ideal scenario for going green.

Carrying out eco-friendly home improvements and changing the way a family lives is perhaps even more important now the final round of energy price cuts has been completed. Consumer site this week noted Scottish and Southern Energy was the last of the major firms to drop its prices, but there is no prospect of further reductions.

So, with the help of Ms Goodfellow-Smith, Britons might be wise to start making green improvements themselves if they are to enjoy lower bills.

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