Electricity ‘should not be messed with’

The importance of calling in professional electricians in Newport or elsewhere in the UK has been highlighted by one expert. Speaking to, consumer expert Angie Hicks from Angie’s List said a property’s electrics are something “consumers really shouldn’t mess with themselves”. She pointed out that if a project were to go wrong, it can have very serious consequences, which is something that may encourage individuals to always ask the experts.

Ms. Hicks continued by saying most electricians find home owners call them in when they have attempted to swap out light fixtures or ceiling fans without properly encasing the wires. This can cause a spark and even lead to a fire, “so even a simple project like that is probably best left to a professional,” she added. If people do want to brighten their home with some new lights, they could follow the advice of architect and TV presenter George Clarke, who described LED bulbs as being “absolutely brilliant”.

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