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Elton John’s LA home

Since having Zachary and now Elijah, Elton John and David Furnish have moved into a new LA home. Although they’re reported to love their old property, living high up amid the Sierra Towers complex wasn’t the ideal environment to bring up their children.

Image Source: PR Log

With a new home comes new designing. Elton brought in designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to come up with a child friendly solution that would still reflect their individual tastes.

Here’s what he came up with…

The living room is typically Elton with its Zebra-esque patterned rug and fantastically OTT pink lacquered cocktail table. Teamed with a modern digital print by Jeremy Blake, the room borders on excessive but the white lacquered walls and seating manage to keep it contained.

Image Source: Architectural Digest

Moving into the family room and a pea green sofa demands attention. The dining room has its electric blue chairs and the kitchen its yellow accents and green ceiling light. This is a house that children dream of – full of primary colours (with green added to the mix)!

Image Source: Architectural Digest

Careful thought has been given to merging the fun, younger design elements with a more adult approach to style. The choice of artwork throughout gives it an air of extravagance which reminds us that this is a family home and not a fun playhouse for youngsters. Fluorescent artwork by Tracey Emin graces the dining room and colour is introduced to the bedroom through a selection of Robert Mapplethorpe’s flower photographs displayed on the wall.

Image Source: Architectural Digest

This is a house that’s both clever and undeniably unique but I can’t help feeling that it’s a step too far. I’m a fan of colour but the whole look is a bit too crayola for me!

What about you?

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