Home improvements can result in energy efficiency upgrades.

Tenants have been given a host of home improvement tips that could be put into practice by builders in London.

South Essex Homes has issued advice to those living in its properties in Southend, which it believes will help them to lower their energy bills this winter, reported the Echo.

Some 6,200 council homes are managed by the group and it said one of the first things it will do is send an expert advisor to each to talk through the various options available. “Little changes can make a big difference and can lower energy bills whilst reducing our carbon footprint,” explained Phil Lyons, chairman of South Essex Homes.

Some of the possibilities open to residents include hiring a tradesman to add insulation, double-glazing or energy generation devices to a property.

The Department of Health revealed this week that Westminster has teamed up with Age UK and the Met Office to pump millions of pounds into keeping older people warm in their homes this winter.

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