Every house should have at least one of these…

These bowler hat lights are a functional, modern art installation by the London-based company Jake Phipps, that ‘reflect a bygone era of imperialism, class divide and eccentricity.’ Bowler hats are British through and through, and this eccentric use of the bowler is a symbol of good taste and good humour.

Don’t have a garden? The solution is  the Garden Table – not what comes to mind when you hear ‘garden table’ – watch your flowers grow from the comfort of your sofa.

One for smaller people: the retro mini kitchen from Pottery Barn. Do you have the next Jamie Oliver under your roof? This is the perfect way to teach kids about food and how to do the washing up!

The kitchen includes an oven, icebox and sink along with removable salt and pepper shakers, a ticking timer and a sliding cooking gauge.


If these accessories have inspired you to improve you home, post your job on and we will put you in contact with up to 3 tradesmen. If your investing in a trendy free standing kitchen for you little ones, you may as well get the colour scheme right in their kitchen!

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