Expert: Homes have to be made sustainable

Individuals are increasingly aware of the need to have sustainable homes, one expert has claimed, which could see builders in Edinburgh and other parts of the UK called in.

Chayley Collis, marketing manager for Green Building Store, noted professionals are beginning to embrace the Passivhaus method of constructing properties.

However, people who are in rented accommodation can also do their bit, she added.

“There might be legislation coming in the future so that rented accommodation has a minimum level of insulation,” Ms Collis observed.

She continued by saying that grants are available to cover some of the cost of loft and cavity wall insulation.

In terms of draught-proofing, individuals can turn to the Energy Saving Trust for advice, as this could also reduce heat loss from buildings.

A recent report by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors found the UK has a green rating of 53 per cent, which puts it behind Canada, continental Europe and Australasia.

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