Outdoor Patio Ideas for Autumn

Patios have become synonymous with summertime –sitting outside, catching the sun’s rays and enjoying the long days with your friends and family. However, winter is coming and patios are often neglected for the warmth of indoors (and hot toddies instead of margaritas). Fear not, with our outdoor patio ideas you can still venture out and entertain guests on your patio during the cold months and make sure to get good use of it all year round.

Outdoor patio ideas

Sharp winds can make cold air seem ten times as cold, and that will make you never want to leave your bed, let alone the house. To fight the bitter wind chill, you can put up shades or blinds around your patio area to block the wind, but still let in light. They can be made out of any material that will match your home, such as wood or even bamboo if you’re feeling exotic. With less wind chill going to your patio, sitting outside will be much more pleasurable for you and your guests.

Your patio furniture can also help bring in some added warmth for you and your guests. Old plastic furniture that has lasted many summers doesn’t provide much comfort in the harsh winter. However, you can help that plastic furniture by adding some insulating padding to the seats. The padding will help your body retain heat, keeping everyone warmer. Along with the padding, you can also add blankets, creating a very not only warmer but cosier setting.

outdoor patio ideas

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Now that you have your patio shades, your insulated seating and your blankets – what else do you need? Well, having a heat source outside is the next step to outside winter comfort. The traditional thought of having a backyard campfire going (under your patio) might not be the best thing, and may be a fire hazard, but homes are now being built with custom outdoor fireplaces to replace that campfire. You could have a custom-built, permanent fireplace installed, or you could get a smaller and more mobile propane fire pit or warmer. Moveable fireplaces can be placed all around the garden if you’re having a big winter cookout filled with warm comfort foods and plenty of hot tea and cider.

patio design ideas

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If you have the budget, why not take things one step further and convert your patio area into a sunroom? A sunroom is built with UV blocking windows, which allow you to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home. Whether you opt for that sunroom or stick to some extra seat insulation however, you’ll still find yourself prepared for an evening on the patio whether that’s March or December.

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